Indian Weaving Sarees, printed sarees are quite popular of its patterns,  Serene South India,, fabrics and colors.

Find a treasure chest of ideas for your batiks

      Get inspired to play with the brilliant colors and dramatic motifs of batik fabrics! Enjoy a page-by-page visual feast of gorgeous batik quilts; then follow techniques and patterns that will give you the confidence to dive into your collection of batiks and stitch up rich, color-splashed quilts. Choose from 18 spectacular projects, from small wall quilts to full-size bed quilts, that showcase the vibrant hues and exotic designs of batik fabrics ; Use simple-to-stitch shapes based on classic blocks and patterns, plus find tips for combining batiks with traditional quilting fabrics; Learn about the ancient art form of batik, which uses a combination of waxes and dyes to make intricate patterns on fabric ; Enhance your quilts with a variety of exciting options for borders and settings that will dazzle the eye; Find the inspiration to start stitching your batiks today with this book of beautiful quilts for batik lovers and fabric lovers everywhere!

      The age-old technique of batik produces up-to-the-minute style, and Jan Bode Smiley sets off dramatic batiks with traditional patterns for delightful quilts. Discover what makes batiks so special, and then start planning your own batik quilt creation! 8 quilt projects mix batiks and commercial fabrics with simple piecing, paper piecing, or appliqué : Tips and advice to making the best use of batiks in your quilts ; Learn to batik your own fabric at home with Jan's easy techniques.

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