Batik Making

Hand Drawn Batik

      "Tjanting" is the most interesting and fascinating part of batik making. Base on artist imagination and creativity and using a small container filled with hot melted wax hand-drawn to a white material a piece of an art is created. The gracefulness and speed of their free hand never cease to amaze one's attention. A sight to behold in the form of traditional batik making.

Block Print Batik

      A block designed will be soak in a hot melted wax and print it on the white cloth. After block printed, the cloth will be dye in a specific colour.

      After the printed cloth had been dyed, it will be print with the selected design.

Dewaxing Process

      After the printed batik is done for the third time, it is boiled for dewaxing. After that the printed batik will be rinse and hange for drying.

Colouring Process

      Usually we use the manual process in colouring to produce a high quality hand-drawn batik. Paint the enclosed area with the needed colours.

Dewaxing Process

      When the coloured batik was dried, it will be soak in a fixer solution to fix the colour for 8 hours before it boil. After the colour fixing process, it will be boil for dewaxing and it is ready to dry.

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